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Welcome to our Religious Education Program!

Our goal is to reinforce religious education received at home in the family setting. Teaching children Catholic doctrine and tradition helps in building their faith in God.  

If you are registering your child in our Religious Education program for the first time, you family must be an active member of the St. Francis parish community. If you family is not registered in the parish, we will provide you with the proper forms. We also need a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate for our records.

Children must have 2 years of preparation before receiving the Sacraments. Children must be entering the first grade to register for the first time in our program.  Classes are available for those children who are past due for receiving Penance, First Communion and Confirmation – please inquire.

Please note: Continuing religious education is required in order for our students to be fully prepared to receive their Sacraments. If a student lapses in yearly attendance, a remedial year of instruction will be required which may result in the child being placed in a lower grade than the rest of their peers, so please be sure to register your child yearly until they receive their Confirmation.

Faith Formation Teachers are always welcome!

If you are interested in being a Faith Formation teacher, substitute or teacher aide, please contact Celeste Farrell. There are only 27 classes throughout the academic year – won’t you please consider helping out? The Family Fee is waived for all teachers in the program!

Celeste Farrell, 
Pastoral Associate for Catechetic
Religious Ed. Office 201-641-6464


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The Dean collaborates closely with the Archbishop in the pastoral care of the faithful, while striving to be an attentive “older brother” to the priests of the deanery, especially those who are ill or in difficult situations...
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